6 Preparation Steps An Aspiring Online Transcriptionist Should Take

By Jen Kelly

If you want to work at home, online transcription might be the job for you. An online transcriptionist listens to audio and types it out, and jobs include medical transcription, legal transcription, and general transcription. The job certainly has its benefits. You get to choose what hours you want to work, and you don't have to get dressed, find your car keys, or get a babysitter. With stars in your eyes, you might be tempted to promptly apply for a job. This can spell disaster, though. Transcription requires a certain set of skills, and these skills will be tested in any online transcription application you encounter. Many people fail. Before you apply for a job, prepare yourself with these 6 steps.

1. Know What the Job Requires

Before you decide on a transcription job, do some research. Medical transcription jobs, for example, require a familiarity with medical terminology. You will need a certain amount of training at a community college or through an online cours…

Things You Didn't Know About General Transcription

Things You Didn't Know About General Transcription
By Larry Grover

Did you know that transcription services are required by the plenty these days? The reason is simple. Effective transcribers ensure that the meaning stays the same after transcription is complete. When transcribing say audio interviews or audio books, it is important to transcribe everything properly. The reason is that even subtle differences can make the entire meaning different and thus it is essential that the transcriber understand thoroughly what he is transcribing.

Today, there are a number of different transcribing methods including video transcription and podcast transcription. Video transcription for instance, helps you know the exact events in the video according to time frames.

Why do you need general transcription?
General transcription work is one of the most sought after jobs in recent times where one can work at their own pace and earn a good amount of money. However, there are certain things that one…

How Legal Professionals Can Benefit From Audio Transcription Services

How Legal Professionals Can Benefit From Audio Transcription Services
By M Holmes

Creating transcripts from audio and video content is a practice that has been around a long time. Technological advancement has improved the way transcription is done and transcription companies vie with each other to provide their clients with accurate and timely transcripts. Audio transcription services are a great advantage for legal professionals and law firms looking to save time and money with their documentation tasks. Performing audio transcription can be a time and resource consuming task for attorneys, lawyers, court reporters, and other paralegals. That's why these professionals are increasingly outsourcing their documentation tasks to reliable service providers.

Audio Transcription for a Wide Variety of Documents
Legal transcription services are available for legal documents and proceedings such as court proceedings, judgments, legal hearings and pleadings, legal letters, briefs, reports,…
Transcription Services - Charging MethodsTranscription Services - Charging Methods
by Riley J Nottingham

There are so many transcription services on the market today, some costing not much at all and some costing lots and lots of money. With many different charging models, today I'll look at the different charging models and the best way you can get awesome quality transcription work without spending much. I'll also show how cheap transcription services does not always mean low quality transcription work.

There are multiple models of how you get charged by transcription companies. These are the most common ones but certainly not all of them. We look look at the benefits and the negatives of each below.

Fixed Price:
Fixed price transcription is normally coming up with a combination of the below methods; normally a customer will submit their audio needing to be transcribed and the transcription company will provide a quote for that will only be valid for that work…

General Transcription Techniques

General Transcription Techniques
By Ron Jacobsen

When various visual elements are made to interact with sound, the results are often described as 'rich'. This is the essence of many multimedia productions because the content appeals to the viewer and listener at multiple levels and the individual feels compelled to convert the words in the multimedia piece to print.

Interactive media recordings can contain still images, animation, graphics, video, audio and text made to appear like a motion picture. The last twenty years has seen a subtle but rapid evolution of electronic media devices used to digitally store multiple varieties of information in their appropriate file formats.

The conversion of interactive media pieces like these from their original digital format into text requires extensive training as well as patience, even for the skilled professional. This is why the general transcription process of audio to text appears deceptively easy at first glance.

If you are in the…

The Demand for Court Reporting Experts Continues to Expand

The Demand for Court Reporting Experts Continues to Expand
By Sarah Ballentine

Court reporting, sometimes referred to as stenography, is the process of transcribing a person's spoken or previously recorded words into written form. It is most commonly used as part of the legal process either in the courtroom or during briefing sessions; however, the occupation extends into the general business sector.

An individual must be well versed in shorthand writing and trained to use voice or stenography devices to create the required official transcripts. Court reporters are used for these types of document creation:
Hearing TranscriptsDepositionsTrial BriefsDiscovery SummariesClosed-CaptioningMeeting TranscriptionSpeech ConversionRecord GenerationLetters The job of a reporter is not limited to a legal environment and numerous companies hire these professionals to perform additional types of transcription tasks. Closed-captioning on television programs is one example of the extension of thes…

How General Transcription Companies Help the Business Industry

How General Transcription Companies Help the Business Industry
By Ron Jacobsen

General transcription is simply what it's termed of, general. It is a transcription service where one is not required to have a medical or legal terminology training or certification. It is the form of transcription that is easiest to get in to. Although some companies do general along with legal transcription, it is more precise to say that any transcription service that is not medical would be considered general.

General transcription helps the industry by simplifying the daily operation of businesses around the world, but most importantly it's a service that is scalable to every individual no matter the needs. Every company that is serious about their business at one point would be involved in recording conversations. May it be a phone call, or a business meeting or even a recorded video conference, one way or the other someone would want to have a transcript of what was talked about, and what ha…